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Caring beyond the basics.

  1. Does your business take too much time away from your family?
  2. Is your calendar bogged down with deadlines?
  3. Is your pipeline suffering from a lack of attention?

The purpose of leverage is time. Time to focus on the money making activities that allow for you to build a business worth owning to ensure you and the ones you love can live a life worth living. No more getting sucked into the minutiae of the day-to-day details. No more micromanaging transaction coordinators and virtual assistants. There is freedom on the other side of the trust we build with our partners. It’s not about “getting your life back”, it’s about building a better one.

  1. Are you reinventing the wheel with each transaction?
  2. Does your system provide you repeat business based on client experience?
  3. Does every client receive the same level of quality service?
The reality is your clients know they aren’t your only client, but are they made to feel as if they are? Rest Easy has a tried and true system that has been built over the collective years of experience of it’s two founders. A repeatable, customizable system that feels good to you and your clients, and is memorable in all the right ways. It’s an exceptional standard of assistance that exceeds expectations, and levels up your service. We blend seamlessly into your company, tailoring our interaction with all parties to a transaction with your branding, your flavor of business that allows you full ownership.
  1. Do you wake up at night in a cold sweat?
  2. Have you ever worked through a vacation?
  3. Is “rushed” your default mode, and do you want to get off the merry-go-round?
We have excessive reminders built into our systems so you never miss a deadline, and you don’t have to worry about the future! With our failsafe system, you can be present in the moment, and trust that we’ve got your back 100% of the time. Our thorough and highly effective communication has awarded us a reliable reputation built over years of experience. The handholding, TLC, and personal attention shown to your clients, co-agents, and vendors is second only to you.
  1. Has your business plateaued?
  2. Is your business on a “roller coaster”?
  3. Do you experience seasonality?
We provide a tried and true system that is customized to you and your brand. We guarantee higher level reviews (which we will get for you because it’s built into our system!), referable service, and consistent time for lead generation whether you have one property under contract or fifty. No more glass ceiling! In the words of The Doors, let’s “break on through to the other side!”

Expect more.

Calling all rockstars!

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